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Over Or Under?

There is a strange subject

Not getting attention

A puzzler that usually

Will long go unmentioned

For often it won’t even

Enter our minds

Until we are dealing

With our own bare “behinds”...

I ask you this question

And hope there’s no issue

But is placement important

With your toilet tissue?

Are you one who cares

If it’s over or under?

At all through the years

Did you stop once to wonder?

For most of my life

I am one who cared not

Until an old drawing

My bored eye, it caught

United States Patent

Official instructions

Had paper hang OVER

For proper roll function

And much like a bombshell

I discovered the truth!

The internet finally

Had provided the proof!

(Perhaps this aside

As a secret won’t spoil it

Indeed I was reading

Online on the toilet!)

I looked at my paper

Unsurprised it was “wrong”

So promptly I switched it

And pulled happily along!

To me it don't matter

Who should get the credit

It’s just toilet paper!

Or some dumb thread on Reddit

But promise I do

That this isn’t a blunder

If you make sure your paper

Is over, not under

(There's reckless unspooling

If you have kids or cats

The “under” position

Surely takes care of that!)

These odd little trifles

It’s a good thing to know ‘em

Now your life is made better

From this kinda weird poem!

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