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Inner Strength

Long been reluctant to search deep my soul

The need for survival, to grasp fast control

Brave are the faces I wear day to day

Ensuring that nothing should stand in my way

Accomplish all tasks without grouse or complaint

Brush off concern with command and restraint

Important it is that I go to great length

The picture of moxie portrays inner strength

Yet within there is nothing, a pit, an abyss

Like benign little tumors, non-cancerous cyst

I’m often left wondering when might the dam break

Is there a limit to what I can take?

I have not the answer, but also don’t question

For all of the things that my heart did invest in

Have paid back in spades, which is all that I need

And turns fast a lock that has never been keyed

My life though mundane has still never been dull

I live without angst and a heart that remains full

Until the day Death takes me over that hill

And work-wearied hands can forever lay still…

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