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Just Say Thank You!

We’re pushy and oblivious

When shopping at the store

And usually the working staff

Are people we ignore

In every business that we know

There’s folks behind the scenes

We don’t regard with empathy

We treat them like machines

They work long hours, night and day

They work on weekends too

Often paid the minimum

For tasks we’d rarely do

All we do is make demands

We barely give them pause

We blame them for the slightest lapse

Berate them for scant cause

At this time of year I find

I think about this often

I wish I could act reasonably

My harshness needs to soften

Entitlement is out of whack

It skews our expectations

If we could just relax a bit

We’d have less protestations

There’s no excuse for disrespect

For losing tempers fast

I need reminding everyday

To make change that will last

If these words have struck a chord

You’re feeling as I do

I hope, with me, you’ll strive to say

A more apropos, “Thank you!”

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