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Lonely At The Top

I’m exceptional at rhyming

You cannot beat my timing

To top of heap I’m climbing

I make church bells start chiming!

No one beats my writing

My brilliance is inviting

My talent is quite frightening

The world I am enlightening

My words evoke emotions

Inspires much devotion

I conjure magic potions

With talent deep as ocean

When I compose a jingle

I pop your top like Pringles

It makes your senses tingle

Among the greats I’d mingle

With vocab I don’t fumble

What’s that? I heard you mumble

You think I should be humble?

You’re funny when you grumble

Of envy I am prone

It leaves me on my own

Yet used to this, I’ve grown

This force, it cant be stopped

Man, it’s lonely at the top…

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