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Lord of the Shovels

Winter is coming, and so it begins

Keep out the cold with the thickest of skins

Keep the bonfires in full raging mode

Seal up the cracks of your vaunted abode

Hope that the demons are wretched in frost

Gasping and whining from last battle lost

Dark skies are warnings to not venture forth

For wicked are winds that will blast from the north

Shovels will stick in the drifts when it’s cold

Better to wait and stay safe in the fold

Winter is coming, and with it demise

Even should blizzards descend from the skies

Met they will be by a sheer icy shield

That chokes off the bitterness glacial fiends wield

Draw strength together by hunkering down

Patience rewarded when soon thaws the ground

And raw cheek flushed pink feels the gold sun at last

When defied is the hoarfrost that you did not let pass…

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