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Magic Cookie Bars

I’ll share with you this little secret

For you might not have heard of it

A tidbit with a base of crumb

A treat whose time has finally come

Avoid I did, this recipe

Forsaken by the “chef” in me

Too sweet, too simple, not my style

Though its name did make me smile

Magic Cookie Bars, what joy!

Beloved snack of girls and boys

(And though it seems a whim of folly

They're also known as Hello Dolly)

Not sure why I was urged to make

This pastry that you hardly bake

But glad I am, compelled I was

To at last look it up, because

As easy as it is to fix

(You do not even have to mix)

The end result just blew my mind

A simpler sweet you will not find

A recipe that’s decades old

It’s condensed milk, that liquid gold

That makes this bar a pure delight

A gooey center set just right

Amongst a mess of who-knows-what

Except, for sure, sweet coconut!

I like mine with chocolate chips

Chopped pecans and toffee bits

A crust of ginger cookies crushed

Salted butter is a must

Baked in dish passed down from Gran

A cookie made by loving hands

The “magic” in its name, I hear

Is ‘cause they always disappear!

When eaten while they’re slightly warm

It’s pure nostalgia in baked good form!

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