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Meet the Simpsons

(Sung to the tune of "The Flintstones")


Meet the Simpsons

They’re the fun four-fingered family

From the town of Springfield

They could all use lots of therapy

Homer drives the family through the town

Yelling that he’ll turn the car around

When you’re with the Simpsons

You’ll be laughing while you’re crying

You might risk dying

You’ll have a trying time


Oh those Simpsons

They’re the folks that drive you round the bend

Though they’re always fighting

They will somehow make up in the end

Someday maybe Homer will do right

Instead of getting drunk at Mo’s each night

When you watch the Simpsons

Have a grab-a-beer and cheer time

A glad-they’re-here time

Smithers-came-out gay ol' time!

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