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Missed Understanding

This world is full of false impressions

Hasty judgements, much dissension

Sharp words that you can’t undo

Unyielding stubbornness that stews

And with the use of tech and text

I bet you’ll guess what happens next

A TON of damaging crossed wires

So all you do is put out fires

There’s nothing worse than dumb grandstanding

From a small misunderstanding

Or treasured friendship comes to an end

‘Cause someone without thought pushed send

In bitter tears we often drown

Because our egos can’t back down

I’m telling you, it just ain’t worth it

Swallow pride, ‘cause no one’s perfect

And when confused, look straight in eye

Don’t be afraid to ask, “But, why?”

For after all we’re human beings

Can’t always say just what we mean

Some sympathetic recognition

Will take the key from hot ignition

If we showed more humility

What better place the world would be…

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