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No Regrets

I’m relic from another era

Like spandex leggings, thick mascara

The spiky hair and neon mesh

And man, the music was the best!

Oh there was nothing better than

The thing I loved from way back when

Was dancing in a smoke-filled club

Those 80s gay bars were the hub

In those days they were so subversive

Insurgent vibe was so immersive

With attitude of every hue

The Cure to wild B-52s

The goths and preps were hard at war

But all was love on crammed dance floor

You sweat and spun, there was no stopping

And choked on smell of poppers popping

The smoke machines and lights so strobe

In perfect sync to Depeche Mode

You fought for space in corner darkened

Wearing thickly soled Doc Martens

On Friday nights with my best friend

We never wanted it to end

And yet today, we can’t go back

With aching joints and knees that crack

But snip of song like sharp hand slappin’

It makes if feel like it just happened

Though getting old feels kinda sad

I’ll not forget the fun I had

And into night, I won’t go quiet

Don’t call me aged, I’ll just deny it

I’ll blast those songs, if nothing else

And go out dancing by myself…

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