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Bad Decisions In A Bottle

There is no one since early eighties

Fueled by choices trite and weighty

That didn’t have a drunken past

Though recall foggy, the pain still lasts

My cursed drink that’s highly flammable

It encapsulates my “spirit animal”

And it’s as chichi as they come

Iconic Malibu White Rum…

In a cocktail, creamy white

With fruits of tropic, pure delight!

It goes down smooth with cloying finish

Coco-nutty and yet delish-ish

But here’s the rub you might forget

It’s the tipple with hint of regret

So sweet it goes down way too quick

What’s worse the sugar makes you sick

So wrong it’s right, it got me drunk

Served with some canned pineapple chunks

I didn’t say I had good taste

But successfully it laid to waste

So many nights of youthful pranks

To Malibu, I give you thanks

Though my virgin palate you did coddle

You’re still bad choices in a bottle!

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