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Paying Your Dues

When just a girl how I would dream

Of living in house painted cream

With scalloped trim as blue as sky

On windowsill would cool a pie

The fence waist high as white as snow

And creeping over vine would grow

There would be dogs, a dad and kids

I wished and wished, is what I did

And time did pass as time will do

Some of those dreams, they did come true

But often hopes can burst and shatter

For what’s to come are real world matters

It’s not a thing they teach in school

Home ownership and all the rules

You can’t just purchase then relax

You get hit with a property tax!?

It’s like you have to pay to live!

They’ll take way more than you can give!

And who determines who pays what?

I think it’s made up on the spot!

Oh woe is me, and all my bills

My cup of debt, it overspills!

You have no choice, you aren’t impervious

The city needs funds for their services

Like should there ever be a fire

There’s firemen that they can hire

I guess I see just why it’s needed

WIthout it, upkeep is impeded

So when bill comes, don’t whine and tear it

Pay your dues, let’s grin and bear it

The city doesn’t mean to “spank” you

If it could, it would smile and thank you!

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