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Molly Frankenstein

Little Molly Frankenstein

Is not your girl next door

In fact she's not like any girl

That you have met before

She can take her whole arm off

And wave it in the air

She can even interchange

Her eyes, her nose and hair

She can squeeze into a space

That no one even tries

She eats peanut butter with

Grape jelly and real flies

Molly wants to be your friend

But no one will be hers

For when she tries to be a pal

The strangest thing occurs

She will want to hug you tight

And never let you go

And when I mean she hugs you tight

I think you need to know

That she will squeeze with all her might

And make it hard to breathe

And she will carry you around

To make sure you won't leave

But it's because she loves you so

And hates to be alone

For people always run away

And leave her on her own

For Molly is a little girl

That no one understands

And feeling loved should never be

A thing that one demands

Love is inside everyone

And we should freely share

To little girls like Molly

Let us show her that we care

Take her hand, not literally

And run with her and play

Please safeguard and protect her from

The mean things people say

For aren't we all a little weird

In our own special way?

And let's embrace our differences

Each and every day!

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