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My Heart For Your Heart

My heart for your heart, offered gladly

Artist: Agnes Kokot

I know you are hurting, self esteem wounded

You project outward strength but inside you are wanting

The façade that you wear leaves you tired and weary

Rebuilding a life on your own can be daunting

Flashbacks endured like an untreated wound

Healing takes time and the scab remains tender

Don't hide in the shadows for once be self-serving

Mourning lost love does not mean you surrender

Still how I wish I could carry this burden

I see that you're straining, your energy's sapped

Though sadly this journey is yours all alone

I know you've resilience you have not yet tapped

Don’t bury your sorrow let emotions cry out

Don’t deny you are human with fears and desires

Despite the unknown of more grief and heartache

It’s the search for oneself that will fuel inner fires

Greet tomorrow with gusto, the good and the bad

Wake to the day with a powerful verve

For triumph is born overcoming encumbrance

Makes heroic the humble and noble the nerve

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