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Raise Your Glass!

It's not because there’s holidays

It's not just that there's snow

It's not just that there's Christmas songs

The same ones we all know

It's not just that it’s party time

It's not the clothes you wear

It's not just that we eat and drink

Too much but do not care

As end of twenty twenty two

Draws to a laboured close

It gives us chance to self-reflect

As out the baggage goes

It’s showing more integrity

With kindness and with grace

To demonstrate the best we can

Through troubles we all face

It's having healthy boundaries

Yet taking it in stride

It's gaining wisdom honestly

To use it as our guide

It's not wasting another day

On slights perceived or real

It's learning to forgive affronts

Let old wounds finally heal

It's wishing life is joyful too

Let’s raise a glass in cheer

And hope we can sustain this mood

In full throughout the year!

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