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Remember This Day

That we maintain our peace of mind

To sleep through restful nights

The privilege of security

And basic human rights

The soldier and the veteran

Have faced strife great and meager

Endured the inhospitable

Gave care to the beleaguered

We live behind the lines they guard

Do we show gratitude?

Often falling short we have

With empty platitudes

The same display most every year

That signifies support

But does it really do enough?

Alas, it falls too short

We must address the sacrifice

Of those we take for granted

In war and peace they stand their ground

When needed, seeds they've planted

For stability is paramount

Give aid where there is grief

Tireless they’ll shoulder strain

So the wearied have relief

For every man and woman that

Takes on this grave profession

When they are called to action

Rise without qualm or concession

Across the globe we honour them

Quintessence of bravery

Grateful that they take the risk

So that we may all live free!

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