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Slow Down!

The Crossing Guard who’s at my school

Is quite a crank but keeps his cool

Governs streets with strictest rules

Protects us from the four-wheeled fools

Each morning he is sure to say

To each of us, “Be safe today!

And nod of head is what we get

No matter if it’s dry or wet

He’s on the corner, rain or shine

Grateful that he’s there each time

To guide us safely cross the street

Sign held high till task complete

It might seem simple, almost needless

Crossing street, ‘cept drivers heedless

Even with a school nearby

A careless car too fast will fly

And like a top that wildly spins

They’d knock us down like bowling pins

We’d rather be a bit too cautious

Than in street all dead and lifeless

So please slow down and watch for us

Never pass discharging bus

Saving time’s not worth the loss

Of kids that simply want to cross…

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