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Small But Mighty

All it takes is just one voice

To start the chant, to make some noise

A ripple small gives rise to waves

And one small step, the path it paves

Soon swells to many, till overrun

The stink of wrong will come undone

And one idea marks the page

Declares out loud full-on outrage

It gives me hope, it stirs the soul

That change might yet make our world whole

The cynic in me, does give pause

That shift may come, and that’s because

It’s easier to fear and doubt

Than risk attention with brash shouts

But heartened be with these few words

And picture that which seems absurd

That tiny bee through rain and sunny

Makes tiny drop of precious honey

Its purpose fixed, protect the hive

It matters not if it survives

A tiny stinger shields their lair

Yet chases off the hungry bear

Lose not faith the few shall quell

And brace the fight till all is well!

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