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Still I Vote

Maya Angelou

American memoirist and poet

You want to defy my existence

Oppressive laws in which you wrote,

My contribution matters not

But still, I vote.

Voice hoarse with rage upsets you?

To fight the beast you’ve set on me,

The shame you bury with your sin

You yearn to rewrite history.

That thing you always take for granted

So carefree tossed away as rote,

More often wasted afterthought

Our treasured vote.

You cannot wait to see me broken

Without oar in sea-tossed boat,

Abandoned but I must be grateful

But never vote.

You wonder why I walk so proud

As if I’m wearing soft fur coat,

A walking stick that’s capped with gold

I carry as I vote.

You want to threaten me with guns

You hope I cower while you gloat,

You eye me with such hatefulness

You’d strip me of my right to vote.

Deny me water, shade, a hand

I vote 

Do all you can to reprimand

I vote

I’m a wave that crashes at your shore

A force you’ve never felt before

Decide my future for myself

I vote

Play the hand you think you dealt

I vote

I’ll lay a house that’s full and free

I’ll vote ‘cause there’s no stopping me

I vote

I vote


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