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Still Waters

The stillest waters run the deepest

The berry left on stem tastes sweetest

The quiet one that sits alone

Behind façade that’s still as stone

Who often fades from heedless eye

That would not faze a passerby

Can still bring wonder to the table

Draw upon gifts deft and able

Summoned from a well dug deep

Guarded like walls of a keep

Flowing like a magma stream

Bubbles up through cracks like steam

Until it bursts like Krakatoa

Hissing out “Well, that’ll show ya!”

For that which often goes ignored

Is just what we should run toward

It is not the highest highs

Or lowest lows that we should prize

But in the middle, met halfway

Is where the soundest path does lay

There’s nothing wrong with average worth

The meek shall truly claim this earth

The Cape of Obscurity they'll doff

And in their hands we’re better off!

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