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Sudden Dark

Nothing can be more disturbing

Leave you in a state perturbing

Then when in your lighted glory

(No candle in your inventory)

Are suddenly plunged into darkness

Usually when the import starkest

Perhaps alone in house in wood

In middle of preparing food

You know just what I’m on about

An unexpected chance black out !

And those that live in place remote

That can’t just leave by car or boat

An interruption in their power

May go on for lots of hours

There’s little you can do but wait

But don’t be in a panicked state

(Just hope your smartphone’s battery

Does not die out, or screwed you’ll be)

And though you’ll scold yourself much later

You’ll wish you’d bought a generator

So if you’re in a place that’s prone

(especially if you’re on your own)

To outages of power often

A list of things, make sure you’ve got them:

Candles, matches and flashlight

When power’s down, you’ll be all right!

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