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The Chicken: Part Four

Then I couldn’t help but notice that a scent much like a poultice

Emerged from its rear, that region where eggs do lay, nether

‘Gross! In God’s name what is that - it almost knocks me flat

Relief - relief I need from this smell that is awful beyond measure

Gag, oh barf, throw up the window, let me out of here!”

Screeched the Chicken “Never”

“You got me!” said I, “Wicked Chicken, your little butt I’m kickin’ -

I don’t know how you got here, but I need my air much fresher

I might have wanted dinner, but you are clearly now the winner

In my home, distracting me from work, you are so clever -

Is there an air freshener here? It will make things all better!"

Cackled the Chicken “Never.”

“Demon!” said I, “Foul Fowl of Terror - you found me here in error!

There is no reason that I might season you with salt and pepper -

I am guilty of some shirking when I’m supposedly hard-working

But I swear upon you I will not touch a single feather -

Of rare and radiant plumage, not a single feather!"

Yawped the Chicken “Never.”

I shrieked “That single word you utter, has set me all a-flutter!

Fly back from whence you came! That ghoulish hellish heather!

I need no leg or keel, for I know not if you’re real!

Leave me in peace, without piece for frying, either!

Do not flap your beak or wing at me, for I fear neither!"

Screeched the Chicken “Never!”

And the Chicken, never leaving, still is heaving, while I’m grieving

On the dusty surface of my desk, cracked and slightly weathered

And its eyes have all the knowing of a rooster that is crowing

And my headache ever growing has accepted we’re together

And my muse from out that fowl has accepted we’re together

Will we be parted, ever? - never!

The End

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