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The Chicken: Part One

Once upon October dreary, the witching hour made me leery

I sat weary in the dim light at my laptop, feeling pressure -

Procrastinating, always dragging, my energy ever lagging

Came a feeling kind of nagging, like a tickling of a feather

“It’s just a goosey feeling,” I muttered “a tickling of a feather -

Oh well. Whatever.”

Ah, as if I could remember of my deadline come December;

‘Twas a case of distemper, that had me feeling under weather.

I was wishing for more time; - it’s so hard to make things rhyme

I think it quite the crime - that I can’t get things together

It is merely the stress of getting all these things together

Which I do not do. Ever.

But the feeling still persisted, though my instincts, they resisted

As rightly they insisted, I was losing fast my tether;

But my heart it started beating and my fearsomeness retreating

For I heard a sound like bleating, the scariest sound - ever

A sound I had not heard before - EVER

And I mean - NEVER!

I steeled my nerves quite quickly, and with a voice quite thickly

And temperament so prickly, “Get away now, you better!”

I yelled it at the blankness, the dimly lighted dankness

For which I was so thankless, my armpits feeling wetter

Feeling chilled but I did not crave a sweater

Outside the sun was getting setter…

Deep into that darkness searing, wished I could be disappearing

For things that I was fearing, had me wondering whether

I could handle the situation, no doors with fortification

All due to procrastination, on time I was barely ever

I whispered, “I promise next time to do much better.”

I felt my cheeks get redder.

To be continued...

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