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The Eleventh Hour

I woke to sight I dare not dream

As white as milk and sweet as cream

A snowy blanket cross my lawn

That sparkled gem-like with the dawn

To understand just why this matters

We live in clime that makes teeth chatter

And yet this year the ground stayed green

The air is mild, the roads are clean

To some this comes as welcome break

From chill that we can barely take

But something ‘bout the weather’s changed

We’re so far north, it’s very strange

And it’s not just that we’re in El Nino

Or up and down are how some things go

Unstable climates bring concern

More rivers flood, more forests burn

We must admit our feckless greed

Will do us in, and at top speed

Unless we learn lifelong solutions

Rein in toxins and pollution

I feel our spirit low and dour

We’re close to the eleventh hour

Though insight is our greatest trait

It’s useless if engaged too late

We need to band together now

Make changes that one day endow

Our future generation’s lives

With everything they need to thrive!

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