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We Celebrate Thee!

*Illustration reference: Alphonse Mucha

Oh My heart, how she quick stole

This lady fair, her name, Nicole

With lovely smile and open arms

She fells unsureness with her charms

There is not much she won’t embrace

No rainbow high that she won’t chase

This day of days that we must mark

And fill with joy from light to dark

Nigh, we hail and shout with glee

“Dear Nicole! We celebrate thee!”

She the Mistress of Clan Baxter

How old she be? Dare, do not ask her!

She’s timeless as a goddess golden

To her we gladly are beholden

So full of life and verve a-plenty

We must revere with longings gently

Serve her wine and frosted cake

And grant all wishes that she makes

Esteem her high as stars above

For none more prized nor deeply loved!

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