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There's Always Tomorrow...

We’re now a month into the year

And was it month of cheer or fear?

A month of good and happy times

Or one where bells of dread did chime

Did you make time for reflection?

Choices made with sharp perceptions

Find a place to meditate

Maintain a peaceful calming state?

Or was it month of frantic dashing

Rage-inducing, tempers clashing?

Were resolutions tossed out the window

At end of day, sigh “where’d the gin go?”

Flop down on couch and give right in

(Bathed in relief, you found the gin!)

I kid, I kid, it’s not so bad

There’s days you’re upbeat or you’re sad

That mixture is what keeps us frosty

We like a medley, at least mostly

With all these notes, what tunes you’ll make

We can’t deny ourselves some cake

‘Cause change is hard, so take it slow

There’s eleven more months yet to go!

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