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Wired Weary

Wired fatigue is a real thing

And apathy is what it brings

An ennui that’s typed and tweeted

Your hope for hope becomes defeated

There’s too much this and too much that

Knee jerk outrage we’ve got down pat

Yet woe to those that stay to fight

Defend beliefs is gotdam right!

To those that wield it like a sword

High blood pressure is just reward

But who am I to check and judge?

I’m Queen of calling out a grudge

Aware I am, I’m quite addicted

That fight online? Admit I picked it

But I can’t help but jump right in

Give my two cents, my “unique” spin

A back and forth of topmost tedium

Is maximum of social medium

Is all I get, and that’s not much

But if I stop? I’m out of touch!

A vicious circle without end

Fire shots by pushing “send”

When will I reach my insult limit?

Just walk away from streaming dimwits?

This state of airs is here to stay

And learn I must, to find a way

To live a life of means and balance

Communicate without that malice

A sound and healthy mind I’ll keep

If lucidity sings me to sleep…

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