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The Long Con

The duplicitous liar that lies every day

I wish he would learn he has nothing to say

It’s all just hot air with a helping of poop

And the more we believe, the lower they stoop

Fakey McFakerson puts on a show

And if you do let him around he will go

Fudging and fibbing without care in world

Yet hope I the day comes his fraud be unfurled

A con man will con as inclined he’s to do

To make sure to take much advantage of you

He cares not your feelings, he won’t feel your wrath

For likely he is a true sociopath!

They win when we laze and ignore all our senses

Or fall in a stupor, let down our defenses

It’s all for the money or getting ahead

The lies only stop when they lie stone-cold dead

There’s one thing to do, and rarely it’s mentioned

The antidote is to not pay them attention

The air that they breathe comes from eyeballs and ears

Ignoring their tripe is the main thing they fear

So shut off the TV, the tablet, the phone

Turn on some music, read book, sit alone

Their kool-aid of lies, you know not to drink

Remember you’re smarter than all those fools think!

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