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Try On The Pants!

Life is like a game of chance

Like when you buy a pair of pants

And left store without trying on

But when you tried them on at home

You find out they’re as tight as skin

And no matter how you suck it in

They don’t fit (and need a hem!)

You don’t feel like returning them

Rather than in bin you’d toss it

You put them in the back of closet

And promise self they’ll fit one day

And yet inside you know, no way

That is the lesson we’ve not learned

Some chances are not worth the burn

Do some research, check things out

Wait a bit till you find out

If it’s a row that’s worth the hoeing

And spare yourself the pain of knowing

You’ve a closet full of clothes

You’ll never wear, and won’t dispose

Your hard-earned cash just wasted, gone

‘Cause you refused to try them on…

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