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What thinks the beast caged in the zoo

Without a lot of much to do

Their feeding taken care of daily

Workers whistling oh so gaily

Showing up day after day

Shoveling all their poop away

Do they think it quite the life

Little toil, no sign of strife

Just tourists taking tons of pictures

Treating them like they’re a fixture

Without feeling without will

Lying in their dens so still

Seemingly so unaware

As if they never see us there…

But they do see us, juicy sweet

Us standing there, like packaged meat

These narrow bars are all that stand

Between their jaws and tiny hands

So do not doubt that Mother Nature

Her instinct is not bug, but feature

We might cage and think them tame

Insensate without mind to maim But all we’ve done is dull their senses

Disguise their turf with barb-wire fences

Let’s leave them in their natural space

So they may run in savage grace

The beast left where it’s meant to be

Unbroken spirit, fiercely free!

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