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Under the Weather

When I get sick I am a bear

For normal things I do not care

I cannot talk because I cough

I barely move and look quite rough

Your throat feels like it's stuck with pins

All you drink is medicine

All you do is blow your nose

Until it bleeds all on your clothes

Everyone around you runs

‘Cause catching colds is never fun

All you do is whine and curse

Which only tends to make things worse

Griping never cured a cold

Trust me all complaints get old

So here’s advice (you can ignore)

For when your throat is raw and sore

Pop a lozenge, drink hot tea

Don’t expect some sympathy

What you need is peace and quiet

Lots of fluids, clear soup diet

Get some rest and soon you’ll find

You’ve left your sick days far behind

Thankful that you lived right through it

Soon think there was nothing to it

Life goes on and that’s because

We fast forget how bad it was

So even if you’re ill and hurtin’

Hunker down, close up the curtain -

You’ll soon get well, of that I’m certain!

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