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The dark day sets in harsh and colder

There be a firm squeeze on the shoulder

A calloused thumb that’s rough but dear

Wipes away a lonely tear

That crook between the heart and arm

Shelters from approaching harm

Feet are planted yet knees quiver

Your comfort is what I deliver

Lean into me, please lean on me

By your side is where I’ll be

This promise is sincerely meant

No urgent task takes precedent

You cannot be too overwhelmed

This ship-to-shore you’ve bravely helmed

Needs just a little nudge and aid

To set you on the course you’ve laid

Often you make life more vexing

With bravado, muscles flexing

Assuring that you’re not abandoned

As you traverse down gorge and canyon

Is what I am committed to

Helping you to push right through

We’re taught to be so kind to others

Neglecting to relieve what bothers

May these words, if nothing else

Remind you, be kind to yourself…

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