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If indeed you’re someone who

Truly loves the number two

Then this day was meant for you!

For what this day is clearly saying

If love you sought then stop your praying

Look to left or look to right

Wish you may with all your might

That all your dreams for adoration

End today in celebration

For on this day enchantment’s due

The number one will grow to two

One heart will find eternal pairing

Someone who is warm and caring

Don’t let this be another “Twosday”

Instead create a whom-you-choose day

Grab this opportunity

To make your dreams reality

It’s not that being on your own

Is something that should make you moan

It’s just that when all’s said and done

Two makes everything more fun

So I declare find someone who

Turns Tuesday two two-two-two-two

A day most memorable to you!

(I do not mean to joke or tease, but

Prepare to wait two centuries!)

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