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*Reference for illustration:
Bub, the zombie, from George Romero's iconic movie
"Day of the Dead" (1985)
Credit to the actor, Sherman Howard

Music soothes the savage beast

The living kind, you hope, at least

But in this case, you’ll find instead

Of beating heart, the living dead!

My good friend Bub, was once a man

Who breathed the air and walked the land

But once a zombie scourge appeared

He met a fate that many feared

A bite, a gnaw, infected blood

And over, Bub fell with a thud

But soon he was revitalized

I’m sure folks watching were surprised!

Unfortunately, Bub was changed

Behaving as if quite deranged

Like groaning, walking reeeally slow

His appetite for flesh did grow

When wandering, the army got him

You’d think as zombie, they’d have shot him

They took him deep in their compound

They studied him, and lo they found

That Bub, though still a cannibal

Proved to be quite loveable!

Thrilled by music of Beethoven

Listened as in mouth he’s shovin’

Buckets of some bloody meat

A doctor gave him as a treat!

What exactly am I saying?

It’s all from film you should be playing!

George Romero’s trilogy

That ends with goriest of the three

Day of the Dead, the best by far

And Bub is totally the star!

So if I’ve piqued your interest

Your gorge reflex put to the test

Get hands on movie, gather friends

(I will not spoil how this one ends)

You must like horror, but that’s a given

Okay with blood? Well, just a smidgen

If start to finish you endure

You’ll be a zombie connoisseur

And much like me, you won’t forget

Sweet Bub, the grossest hero yet!

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