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There is a place, a magical place

That entices and beckons, come one and come all

Where pure hedonism may be exercised

Faux-marble tiled the brightly lit mall!

They cover the globe and are centuries old

Wherever you go north-south-east and west

And though some might say its distinction is doubtful

I think that West Edmonton Mall is the best!

It opened its doors in nineteen eighty one

To much ballyhoo and kitschy fanfare

Its stores and the vendors were not so exciting

Us Edmontonians just didn’t care!

Phase one, two, three, four were built over the years

As were all of the most wondrous attractions

Waterpark, pirate ship and roller coaster

Have all been received with utmost satisfaction!

It has suffered calamity it can’t be denied

Even some deaths that are really quite tragic

But it has bounced back and rebuilt once again

Drawing such crowds beguiled by its magic

They say that the mall is going extinct

Much like the mighty and great dinosaur

Though shopping online is a growing convenience

I’ll never not love browsing inside a store

It's become quite the fixture of our changing city

And seems to be thriving, or at least for the while

And even if shopping seems odd as achievement

We welcome the honour and do it with style!

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