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The Tooth Fairy

Now that I’m older and so without guile

Childhood myths are of interest to me

Some made us skittish and some made us smile

But one of the weirdest ones has got to be…

From where did it come and most of all why

Trading a coin for the teeth out your head

This story should make even stoutest tyke cry

Or at least make them want to hide under the bed

Because I’m a parent I understand that

We like to tell stories enchanting our child

Santa Clause, leprechauns, the Cat in the Hat

Mostly they’re harmless and never too wild

But how did the Tooth Fairy slip in the fold?

Really it’s one of our most outlandish lies

Strange and bizarre is the story we’re told

“Put tooth under pillow and you’ll get a prize!”

It turns out the story helped parents pull free

A loose tooth that needed a prod and a pry

If kids knew that someone would pay them a fee

Out came that cuspid with barely a cry!

How lucky we are for the folk tale is splendid

The best ones always leave us wanting for more

But if you don’t like how these stories are ended

Make up a new one and start your own lore!

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