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There's one eternal question

Asked time and time again

Not what, not who or where

Nor how, not even when

It's always WHY that stumps us

No matter who we ask

The answer can be difficult

When not up to the task

Sometimes it's a child

That simply wants to know

Why's the sky so blue today

In winter, why's there snow?

But life is not so innocent

We don’t see eye to eye

Our hearts and souls are reeling

And all we ask is WHY?

We'll query ‘til the seas dry up

Until our sun grows cold

But fear that in the questioning

Will Truth ever be told?

For often what's it matter?

Knowing why won't change our fate

It only serves to make us feel

The asking’s come too late

But still we feel compelled to grasp

At hope that we will learn

Not to make the same mistakes

Don’t let our bridges burn

So I will ask for all of us

How did this come to be?

And if we find the reason why

Will we live differently?

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