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This woman can sing like an angel

But her power can knock out your breath

She is a like a pure force of nature

Be glad you now get to know Beth!

As long as I’ve known her she’s charming

As an artist, her talents are stunning

Her energy levels astound you

If you follow her, you will be running!

Forever she’s a lover of music

Her style is homage to the greats

She also plays a mean ukulele

Her stage shows are always first rate!

In her bare feet and cute summer dresses

And a gingham throw spread all around

Her picnic case opened, inviting

Good friends and good vibes will surround

Her songs will have your toes a-tapping

You cannot sit still in your seat

Soon you find your hands are clapping

Your head bobs along to the beat

Thank goodness there’s someone like Beth

Who spreads joy through music and laughter

Her roof-raising ditties and jingles

Rise up and ring out through the rafters

Your heartstrings will zing if you listen

There’s a zip in each note that she’ll play

There’s a promise, your spirit can feel it

With Beth, you will have a GREAT DAY!

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