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Every day the leaves turn paler

An amber jade on stems much frailer

Their juicy stalks have withered so

Acknowledging it’s time to go

The squirrels they scamper much more frantic

How my cat squeaks at their antics

Every creature great and small Does fast prepare at autumn’s call

The sunrise takes its irksome time

Reluctant out of bed to climb

Replaced the summer’s fervid folly

With a graying melancholy

For most that welcome this transition

That waste no time in reminiscing

Instead in awe watch colours change

From green to gold, such brilliant range

We welcome what is yet to come

The turning earth’s relentless drum

Refurbishment through bitter chill

We must not fight, it’s Nature’s will

For with the challenge comes reward

Our spirit urges us toward

A realignment and renewal

As we’ve burned through finite fuel

We need a brumal overhaul

Tis reason more to love the fall…

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