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I’ve been so thoroughly accosted

Can barely stand, I’m so exhausted

Inundated with such stress

Outside be fixed, inside a mess

This state is not at all signed off on

I like things ordered and well thought on

My ducks in row all nice and neat

My day be planned, all plans complete

But chaos reigns and I’m undone

I don’t do well when on the run

So put head down, I will, and charge

Put things in place, both small and large

With discipline, knock things off list

And hope no detail will be missed

The only way that works for me

Is tackle plight methodically

Yet there are those that thrive in worry

That put things off, and then must hurry

That thrill is something I avoid

When I’m on time I’m overjoyed!

I’ll take surprise, but just an ounce

For I know Life is there to pounce

And throw a wrench into my gears

A rocky reef as my ship nears…

I’ve tasted sweet as well as bitter

I’ve fallen hard, and risen fitter

When burden knocks, with vim it’s greeted

For there’s no woe can’t be defeated!

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