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Audacious, The Flower


Artist: Agnes Kokot

Petals soft as newborn skin

Infinite folds and countless layers

Asleep alive, its dreamless rest

Bowed as if in silent prayer

Each dawn she languidly unfurls

Enticing sway, this tempting maiden

Lurching clumsy pests soon root

Amongst her tendrils heavy laden

She be not a fragile beauty

Makes believe with drooping stems

Dropping fronds as snakes shed scales

Pooling round her root like gems

A siren but of loam and dirt

Her song a scent forever sought

A surrogate to gratitude

Elicits thanks for doing naught

So hack at stalks, we blossom butchers

Steal their blooms like heartless thieves

Oblivious to wilted posies

Indifferent to their yellowed leaves

Yet they are gluttons for the reaping

Prized, their ephemerality

None but flower better suited

Fulfilling bliss, their destiny

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