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Autumn's Charm

I’ve put away the linen blouse

Too light to wear about the house

Replaced the shorts with cozy sweats

You feel how quickly sun does set

You’re craving thickened stew to eat

You’re tempted to turn up the heat

But honestly there’s nothing better

Than the days you don a sweater

I wrap myself in autumn’s arms

With all it’s crisp and bracing charms

If you’re like me, this juncture’s favoured

The act of winding down is savoured

The harvesting of all largess

The earth bestowed makes us feel blessed

And though my runny nose is sign

That more cold’s coming down the line

As fall begins and summer ends

Embrace it, as you would a friend

And welcome it with cheerful glee

Invite it in for cup of tea

For life lived in a northern clime

Means that when ends a season’s time

Another comes to take its place

Accept it with good will and grace

The next few months won’t feel a chore

If you’re prepared for what’s in store!

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