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Be Brave

*Illustration reference:

Tippi Hedren promotional still for

"The Birds"

Enormous effort to be brave

We grasp it fast should shoulders cave

And topple deals we planned with care

That when they’re lost tis hard to bear

The notion on which I am dwelling

About our nature I find quite telling

I sometimes think our species dim

Too apt to act on bare a whim

And then when things do go awry

Our dense response is to ask “why?”

Yet there are moments, so delightful

When we show ourselves insightful

Optimistic, and so sharing

A gritty pluck, that’s game and daring

And THAT is what should be our stead

A kaleidoscope swirls in our head

A hopefulness of dreams fulfilled

That comes to be because it’s willed

There’s little time that’s granted so

Make use of it, get up and go!

Whatever in this life you seek

Even if on highest peak

Is worth the climb, we’ve come to learn

Accomplishments, deserved when earned

Then even if in night you’ve died

You’ll leave this earth quite satisfied…

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