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Be Fearless

You wander aimless in the cool

Lost in thought, like swirling pool

In search of worth, in autumn breeze

Dejection shows in trembling knees

A hole in pocket loses token

A memory of heart that’s broken

Creates a certain fearlessness

Determined to rise from this mess

How firm that grasp on cross like martyr

Allows one to sell goods and barter

On the floor is soul for sale

Though buyer often tips the scale

So offer it you will for bargain

With use of such enticing jargon

“Your passion and devotion shows me

You’re the only one who knows me…”

All the things you think they’d want

Yet opens you to digs and taunts

When what is best is often worse

To be alone feels like a curse

But times like this will plant the seed

That grows to show that all you need

Is there inside you all along

This fostered courage makes you strong

The emptiness that held you back

Is gone, you’ve cut yourself some slack

Now sure to not feel absence of

That most elusive thing, called Love…

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