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Best Friend

I have me a friend

That I swear's like no other

If I were allowed

I'd enfold till I smother

For she is within me

A part of my soul

Without her I'd wither

She keeps my heart whole

So few come to matter

In life when we measure

What is deemed worthy

By how much we treasure

As I have grown older

Priorities change

Acquaintance once close

Is now awkward and strange

But there are those bonds

That are steadfast and sure

Through all circumstances

They prevail and endure

A love that transcends

Any romance or fling

When found it's a marvel

A most cherished thing

Two girls became women

Through laughter and tears

Broke down and rebuilt

Shared our triumphs and fears

Should you find such affinity

Grasp fast, don't let go

It's the deepest connection

That you will ever know

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