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Christmas In Canada

Come one and come all to Canadian Christmas

So many traditions! Our culture’s a mish mash

Such things on our tables, the drinks in our glasses

What new things we learn as each day gladly passes

Sinck Tuck is observance in our northern reaches

The Solstice of Winter is marvel that teaches

To honour the land and the riches it grants

With indigenous fare, ceremonial dance

Joyeux Noël is a greeting you’ll hear

Across Quebec hailed to you hearty with cheer

So lovely the chimes of the Midnight Mass bell

Tasty the tourtiere, le bûche de Noël 

A custom that brings such a warmth to my heart

Brings paying respect to the highest of arts

To all Nova Scotians, the dearest of customs

Gifts beautiful tree to the city of Boston

For assistance in struggles from long long ago

A horrible deluge ‘cross city did blow

Through that devastation, so many were brave

Boston was there, oh what comfort they gave

Tradition that started in seventy-one

Of gifting a tree, and that tribute lives on

What beauty of spirit and sharing of joy

The merits of this time of year do employ

So come to the north for the friendliest clime

And cavort with Canucks for a festive good time!

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