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Christmas Spirit

On Christmas night, asleep we lay

Comes Santa silent in his sleigh

He makes his way through sleet or clear

To bring us gifts of Christmas cheer

But on this night, some years ago

He came upon, in deep cold snow

A sorry sight, as small as mitten

Bedraggled scraggly freezing kitten

He scooped it up and held it close

And carefully warmed frozen toes

His caring heart ached for this soul

Together raced back to North Pole

Mrs. Claus and all the elves

Barely could contain themselvesAs Santa showed that kitten round

True Christmas spirit had been found

So sweet it was how it became

Without doubt most befitting name

“Christmas Spirit”, “Spurt” for short

And happily I can report

That little Spurt joins Santa’s ride

Each Christmas night, tucked by his side

Beloved friend enjoys nine lives

As treasured mascot that has thrived

So should you sneak a peek at night

If you are lucky, you just might

See Santa, with Spurt on his shoulder

Their fur so warm as winds blow colder

You’ll hear them sing, as they rise out of sight…

“Merry Christmas to all and to MEOW a goodnight!”

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