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Class of 2024

Oh to be young and start afresh

Traversed those trials and did their best

Look at their smiles, there’s such relief

And just a tinge of disbelief

That years put in, some good, some tough

Come to an end (just soon enough!)

And what awaits? They do not know

But in the finding-out they grow

Some fly and soar with silver wings

Some walk and trip, may break some things

Some take step back, are not quite ready

It’s best to wait, till feet feel steady

And like the ones that walked before us

We say to all fresh-grads in chorus

Good luck! Good fortune! We wish you well!

Where does your path lead? Time will tell!

Be giddy with anticipation

As on the cusp of liberation

Your journey is just now beginning

This milestone in the life you’re living

Is one of many you’ll be facing

But if each challenge, you’re embracing

You’re sure to conquer and succeed

To move ahead and take the lead

To you, the Class of ‘24

We grant the sun, moon, stars and more!

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