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Longing to see you again...

Feel for May, the month of fleeting dedication

Welcomed with sense of outsized celebration

Heralded like angel from heavens above

And chagrin in good measure that mingles with love

For promise oft broken with warming and chill

A lack of commitment that teases until

A sense of annoyance, of hands thrown up high

At the peek-a-boo sun playing games in the sky

The days drag to weeks to its imminent end

A lace kerchief flutters as away we do send

Oh May how we waited, embraced with high hope

You’ve difficult task, yet we need you to cope

You coaxed open buds and turned verdant the grass

But invariably fickleness did come to pass

Your overstayed welcome an act of resistance

That turned our good will to a sense of good riddance

But isn’t this love? With the good comes the bad

Warm hug and a kiss for the times that we had

The drama you bring, your most human refrain

And our heart pangs with longing to see you again…

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