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Dare To Dream

I am your son. I am your daughter

I am the joy, the raucous laughter

I am the same inside and out

The one you’ve loved, this life, throughout

I’m also one who often cries

That sometimes fails, but always tries

I’ve been denied, insulted, mocked

Acceptance kept behind door locked

Will never know who holds the key

Learned not to trust, lives fearfully

And yet I’m still the same inside

Though shunned, disdained and forced to hide

For what? For wanting to be true

Don’t I deserve that privilege too?

I do not hurt, nor overstep

But scalding hot these tears I’ve wept

To face rejection, just so I’ll be

Free to live authentically

I’m still your son. I’m still your daughter

Beloved, oh how I long for laughter

This isn’t fight that’s lost or won

I ask for peace, when day is done

Clasp hands together, shout “All-in!”

To live content within my skin

A simple wish, I hope comes true

Dream you will wish it for me too…

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