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Day of the Dad

Dads by any other name would still have stinky feet

Would throw a ball the farthest and at games would NEVER cheat

Has candy in his pockets and assured hand at the ready

And when you feel uncertain he is capable and steady

Warm and friendly inside yet not always quick to show it

But he will love so fiercely and is sure to let you know it

The families where dads are moms and sometimes moms are dads

For all those double duty-ers, I hope this day is glad

But even though it’s once a year, we’ll hold you in esteem

And shower you with lots of love for heading up the team

So special is the role of dad and should you deem to take it

Many will depend on you so best we hope you’ll make it

It’s lifelong in requirements, the hardest job you’ll do

But satisfaction’s guaranteed when you feel their “I love you!”

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